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ISNN 2020
Dear ISNN 2020 Congress guests and participants, Last weeks, and especially last days, have been difficult on all of us. The COVID-19 epidemic, according to any estimation and model available to our knowledge, seems to be more persistent than we hoped initially. Many European countries are being hit hard by this epidemic, and signs that other countries (including USA and Romania) will be hit as hard begin to come in. After talking to other members involved in organizing this congress, and for all the reasons we can think about, we strongly believe that having a successful congress in September is not a realistic scenario anymore. Therefore, given the evolution of legislation in Romania (restrictions), and what is happening all over the Europe, we believe that the time has come to announce that, most likely, the Congress will be postponed. We will wait until the beginning of May to reassess the situation, but we recognize that there is a very low likelihood for this decision to change. Nevertheless, we will make a final announcement in May. We also wanted to let our guests and participants not to encumber any expenses in regard to the congress, and this is why we are making this announcement. Please visit again our site at during May in order to read our next assessment. Please share these news with anyone who wanted to participate. Thank you and I am looking forward to the end of these hard times. Any questions regarding this issue should be addressed to Mihai Niculescu at, or to Martin Kohlmeier at Thank you for your understanding.


The 14th Congress of the International Society of Nutrigenetics and Nutrigenomics will be held in Timișoara, Romania, on September 23-25, 2020. I believe that we are approaching the point where we can make decisions in our practices based on the principles of nutrigenetics and nutrigenomics. The 2020 ISNN Congress will focus on cutting edge research on human metabolism and on the interaction of the human genome with the metabolome, on human chemosensing and its interactions with the genome, and on the nutrigenetics of salt sensitivity. Numerous nationally and internationally acclaimed speakers will present. We expect attendance of nutrition researchers, clinicians, dietitians and other health care providers from the region and from around the world. These are the leaders in the development and practice of advanced nutrition solutions. We welcome you to our beautiful city and to exciting discussions in ever more relevant areas of nutrigenetics, nutrigenomics, metabolome, and precision nutrition.

Martin Kohlmeier, MD PhD
ISNN President

Did you know that Timișoara has been selected by the European Commission to be Romania’s European Capital of Culture in 2021? We hope to see you around and discover why.

ISNN 2020 Scientific Committee

Mihai Niculescu MD PhD

Martin Kohlmeier MD PhD

Luis Saraiva PhD

Adela Chirita MD PhD

Susan Sumner PhD

Louis Pérusse PhD

Steven Zeisel MD, PhD

Guy Vergères PhD

Emma Beckett PhD

Donato Angelino PhD

Alfredo Martínez Hernández MD, PhD

Maria Puiu MD PhD

Nicoleta Andreescu MD PhD

ISNN 2020 Organising Committee

Nicoleta Andreescu MD PhD, President

Maria Puiu MD PhD

Cristian Zimbru PhD

Simona Farcaș MD PhD

Alexandra Mihăilescu MD

Credit points will be provided for Romanian participants, on request, from either of the following accrediting institutions: Romanian Medical College (CMR), The College of Romanian Pharmacists (CFR), The Romanian Order of Biochemists, Biologists, and Chemists (OBBCSSR), and from The Romanian Order of Nurses and Midwives (OAMGMAMR). For more information please contact Dr. Nicoleta Andreescu at
SRGM UNC Nutrition Research Institute UMFT